Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Studio Envy

I often read blogs and magazines where wonderfully creative gals show glimpses of their "studios". I see the incredible rooms; beautifully organized spaces where all kinds of creative goodness happens. I just sigh and think, "Someday....."

In our previous home I had most of my "craft" supplies in my corner cabinet in my dining room. The dining room table was my work surface. Not the greatest when I was in the middle of a project at dinner time. When we moved here I decided to claim the pantry as my "craft closet."

The wire shelves were already in place. I added a plastic shelving unit to one end. My red table that I shared last week sits just outside the door. It is not exactly the ideal creative space, but it is certainly a step up from the dining room.

I haven't done a great job of keeping this space organized. A couple weeks ago I worked really hard to get everything (well, most everything) in its place. Tonight I just thought I would show you some glimpses of what it looks like.
A basket and a cigar box holds my lace and trims.
Another basket holds BINGO cards, flashcards, etc.

Jars contain ribbon, embroidery floss, scrabble tiles, game pieces.....

This old fridge drawer came from a tag sale and I think I paid 50 cents for it. I just loved the color. Right now it is holding bits and pieces that I wasn't sure what to do with yet.
My rick rack and seam binding is organized in this enamel fridge drawer. I like using "junk" containers to stash all my goodies.

Above the plastic shelving unit I put this shower curtain bar between the two walls. I then tied pieces of ribbon with "s" hooks to hold little buckets. I know none of this matches, but it works.
Empty cans with fun graphics hold pencils, markers, scissors, etc. The card file little tools on one side and alphabets/numbers on the other side.

This wire freezer basket works great for my vintage sewing patterns.

I don't think my pantry will be showing up in any magazines and I'm pretty sure this is the only blog you will see it on. That is okay. It works for me. Someday I may have an entire room all to myself, but for now I will be content with this little space.

Before I forget, a few people asked me where I got the colored clothespins in my last post. Well, a couple months ago I bought a vintage clothespin bag for $2 at a tag sale. The clothespins were in the bag. There are two different styles - one a bit sturdier than the other. I wasn't going to use them and then decided they would make my laundry cheerier (is that a word?).

Okay, this post has taken me way too long to finish. I have got to get off this computer.

{Seraiah was the father of Joab, who settled a place called "Valley of Crafts" because the people who lived there were experts in making things. I Chronicles 4:14}


cindy said...

I love the fact that you have used unique containers to organize your craft stuff. I REALLY like the refrigerator drawers! That is a great idea. What kinds of things do you "craft"?

Don and Dixie said...

Cool way to have everything handy and in one place. Bet you just made me a birthday card out of your stash in there! Can't wait.

G.I.JUNKER said...

I love your blog and the ideas you share....I gave you an award, please go to my blog to get

Miss G said...

I VERY much like your craft space! I like all of the containers, especially the basket for the patterns and those cute little hanging buckets.

That website about all of the bathroom stops (from your comment on my blog) sounds like it would be useful. :) You can never be too careful in my opinion. :)

I really like your new red garage sale crafting table too! Greatness. I hope things are calmer and less stressful for your family right now.

I did a post about my craft room too one time if you're interested.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Kelly

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I am so impressed with the creative way you organize everything - it all looks fantastic!