Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hmmmm.... I wonder if God finds it humorous that I named my blog {Bloom Right Here!}? When I chose that name I was in a good spot; growing and thriving in my comfortable little world. How many times since then have I found myself withering instead of blooming?
Sometimes I think God is saying to me, "This is where I planted you. Bloom....please!" If only I were a better listener. I am trying.
In turn, I hope my bulbs grow and bloom. I have paper whites in the milk glass pedestal and the boots and an amaryllis in the other white container. Paper whites are new to me and I am not sure how quickly they usually grow. Have you ever grown an amaryllis? Especially if you have children, you really should try it. They grow so fast! It is fun to put a ruler in the soil beside it and check the height each day.

I always buy my bulbs on clearance after Christmas. Of course, these containers came from the thrift store. The itty-bitty black boots were my boys'. When I came across them recently I started to get rid of them, but decided I couldn't part with them. Do you know how many pair of these "muddy boots" my boys have had? They have been a wardrobe essential for them since they were toddlers. At 9 and 12 they are still wearing them.

Just before Christmas I received a package in the mail from Jill of Jill Ruth & Co. Inside was this beautiful piece of art. I wish I would have taken a better picture. Hand stitching. Free-form machine stitching. Old buttons. Bent wire. It is absolutely wonderful!

Jill also sent these little "word nuggets." So fun!

Thank you, Jill, for reminding me to bloom! And thank you, Lord, for sending me friends to remind of this!

{...the desert will bloom with flowers. It will be very glad and shout with joy. The glorious beauty of Lebanon will be given to it.... Everyone will see the glory of the Lord. They will see the beauty of our God. Isaiah 35:2}


Flat Creek Farm said...

Such a nice post, Vanessa. I can relate! I love the boots and other planters for your bulbs. I always say I'm gonna plant indoor bulbs for a winter pick-me-up, but to date have never tried it. I will.. and that's a great idea to pick them up after Christmas. What wonderful Bloom artwork from your friend.. and those word nuggets are too cool! -Tammy

imoomie said...

Just today I caught a glimpse of my bulbs coming up...I had forgotten about them or maybe just didn't expect them yet. What simply joy it brought to my day!

bec4 said...

Super cute ideas--love the boots!

Julie Bagamary said...

My bulb is still just leaves. I like the bloom art.

Jill said...

Oh, Vanessa, I'm glad you liked your package!
For about 5 years in a row, there was an "early bird" garage sale here and a woman sold amaryllis bulbs planted and on their way to blooming. I bought one each year and so enjoyed it.

Cindy said...

Those boots are just too cute!