Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If you're gonna have one...

...it should at least be cute! Well, maybe cute isn't the right word. Stylish? Vintage? It is definitely vintage! I hate bathroom scales. Who doesn't? But I have been thinking about buying one of those fancy digital ones. You know, the ones that tell you weight, body fat, quit eating, run a marathon, etc....I decided that was way more information than I needed!
Then yesterday in Goodwill I came across this one. I loved the look of it and it was only $3. I actually got on it in the store to see if it worked. It seems to be fairly accurate. I was secretly hoping it would take about 20 lbs off. Speaking of 20 lbs - this thing is heavy! They don't make 'em out of cast iron these days.
Isn't this a great dial? See that empty little square? That is where it changes to 100 (or 200 or 300). I know the 100 works anyway! I don't think I will hide this scale in the closet or underneath the sink. Since I like the way it looks I am going to leave it sitting out. Hopefully it will become my friend instead of my enemy.
At another thrift store I found this pewter tea set. I don't think it is real old, but I thought it was unique enough to buy it. I put it in my antique booth.
I also found these sweet little silver and porcelain demitasse cups. I was excited to find them because they were in a ziploc bag and tossed in a bin with napkin rings. I usually don't even look in there, but the silver caught my eye. I suppose the silver part could be used for a napkin holder. Why not? They were $1 for all five of them. They are also in my booth.

I am going to miss our thrift stores when we move. I tried to look around last week down there, but didn't see much for thrifty shopping.

I also didn't see many houses for sale. Hopefully the right place will become available soon. We want to find something out in the country or at least with a very large yard. Our boys spend lots of time outside - riding bikes, exploring, chasing lizards, building forts.... We don't own video games. Old fashioned, I know, but we love it.

Guess I better get off the computer. It is just about time to pick up the kiddos from school and then head to hippotherapy. Soccer practice was canceled (again) because of the rain last night. As far as I know hippotherapy is still on. It will just be a little muddy.

{The LORD abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are his delight. Proverbs 11:1}


phil said...

As hard as you've been working at the walking, I'm sure the scale will be your friend.

We'll see if the "2" works when I get home this weekend.

Corene said...

Encouraging to hear that your boys don't need video games! Our boy is still tiny, but we see most of our friends' boys needing electronic entertainment, and we think about how we want to address the issue when he is older. Our girls enjoy movies (a bit too much!!) but are also passionate about being outdoors, art, and creative play. I pray you can the right space for your family.

Anonymous said...

So did the 2 work this weekend? Would be great not to see that, huh? I am sure you will miss your antiquing after you move.

phil said...

Unfortunately, I found the "2" to be fully functioning.