Monday, February 22, 2010

Scarf Love

I've been loving scarves lately. Here in the south I find it rarely gets cold enough for my winter coat. Most days I will just throw on a jacket or sweater and wrap a scarf around my neck.

Before Christmas I decided I wanted to find some scarves for Sweet Girl. Because of Rett Syndrome she drools quite a bit. I hate for her to have to wear a bib - she is 7 years old. I decided a scarf would help keep her shirt dry and be stylish at the same time. Unfortunately, when I started looking for scarves it was hard to find much that was cute, easy-wash, soft.....

I wondered what I could make so I did a little Googling and came across this T-shirt Memory Scarf. Perfect!

Here is my version for Sweet Girl. (She isn't mad. She just refuses to ever smile for the camera.)
This scarf works great for the intended purpose. It catches the unfortunate drool. It keeps her warm and dry. And it is soft and easy to wash.
Sweet Girl gets lots of compliments when she wears it and people enjoy looking at the "memories" from the shirts.

I recently made a fun scarf for myself. Last week I was sorting some things to put in my antique booth when I came across some old quilt squares. I was about to tag them and try to sell them when I had a thought - "These would make a unique scarf." Off I went to my sewing machine.

I cannot believe I am showing you this picture. I absolutely despise pictures of myself. To make matters worse, this one is blurry, off-center and just plain yuck. But I did want you to see what the scarf looked like "in action."

All I did was sew the squares end-to-end, fold the whole thing in half, right sides together and stitched - leaving one end open. I turned it, pressed it and stitched the end closed. I probably should have (and may still) top stitch around the whole thing.

There are so many colors that it goes with just about anything. I also like that it is light-weight and will still work on cool spring days.

I'm linking up to Make Your Monday over at Twice Remembered. Head on over to see what others are making today.

{Good friend, follow your father's good advice; don't wander off from your mother's teachings. Wrap yourself in them from head to foot; wear them like a scarf around your neck. Proverbs 6:20}


Junior said...

Love these, what a great idea.

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I love them both. Oh, I wish I would have kept some t-shirts!

Kelly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Thank you for sharing this with us all. I can't wait to gather some shirts for my mom - I can't sew at all!!

Don and Dixie said...

Martilee's scarf was adorable at Christmas and yours is also. Keep yourself wrapped in the love someone put into the blocks. Love the scarves!

heidi said...

So cool! I think the t-shirt scarf is great! And you're so cute in your scarf, thanks for sharing the pictures and the idea!
Blessings! Heidi

(My Mark just cleaned out his closet and threw a big pile of old t-shirts on the floor. I was wondering what to do with them, but knowing he wouldn't wear a scarf and I don't want to wear a scarf with his grapics, I think I need to come up with plan B for those t-shirts! )

Cindy said...

Love the scarves!

Corene said...

thanks for the inspiration! I was thinking I needed to save old t-shirts till high school for a quilt, but I like this simpler project

Miss G said...

Vanessa, I love seeing the pic of you. It's always nice to see the face behind the blog so to speak. Thanks for showing us the scarf in action. Both scarves are really cool. Kelly