Saturday, September 15, 2007

Express Yourself

I have been so busy, football, piano, Bible study, hippotherapy, field trip....but yesterday afternoon I took some time to just be creative. I am very pleased with how this journal turned out. I just love the flashcard! I can't wait to use more of them in future projects. Don't you like the measuring tape along the edge? Decorative and useful! That's the way I like it!

I plan to use this journal for all the ideas and inspirations that pop into my head. I can sketch out future projects, jot down meaningful quotes and scriptures, attach photos from magazines, etc. I think I will also use one section to keep track of items in my antique booth. Yes, I said antique booth. I don't have quite enough to do yet, so I am adding one more thing! It is just something I have wanted to do for a long time. I go into the antique mall and I envision how I would set up displays, what I would sell....I finally just decided to go for it. I'll give it a try at least until Christmas and see how it goes. If it is just too overwhelming then I don't have to continue. Really, I don't think it will be that bad after the intitial set-up. Besides my bargain finds that I pick up at thrift stores and garage sales, I am also hoping to sell some journals, cards and other handmade items. It will all just depend on what I can get done.

A bit of detail from the front of the journal.

The inside front cover.

I haven't had a chance to do much garage saling lately, but this morning there were a few very close to the house. I decided to run out real quick before my son's soccer game. At the first one I found this great little cabinet. It is made from old barn board and painted a fun green color. I usually try not to spend more than $10 when I go out, but decided this was worth $25. Now to figure out where to put it....It might replace the armoire in my sunroom or the dresser in my dining room. Maybe it could replace the bookshelf in my bedroom....No worries! I will eventually find the perfect spot for it!

I have no idea why this post is laid out so strange. The pictures seem to have a mind of their own. Who knows what it will look like when I actually post it. Sorry about that. I still have no idea what html codes are. Not sure I will ever learn. Oh, well.

Did I mention how beautiful it is here today? It is 74 degrees! We have the windows open and there is a breeze blowing through the house. Love it! Love it!

I hope you are all having a good weekend so far! I'd really love to know who is reading this blog. Feel free to leave a comment anytime even if it is just to say "hello."


Anonymous said...

You are truly amazing. Hopefully, the boys were successful in soccer and football today. We are at Willene's until tomorrow. Willene has enjoyed your postings today also.

Paper Eclectiques said...

Very Cute!!!

And thanks for visiting my blog! You are entered in the GIVEAWAY!


Anonymous said...

Don't know where you got all your talent, I guess from Grandma. I love the cabinet! Go girl!

Darla said...

Great blog :)
Love, love, love reading it. You have a true creative gift and it's OH SO FUN to see you expressing it! Have a blessed day...hugs, darla

CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

you broke up the set??

Anonymous said...

The journal looks awesome. And I can't believe you found such a great cabinet for such a deal. I'll have to come to Arkansas to find some deals, yard sales here are not that good.

Anonymous said...

could i ask you a question - when you add elements to the front of a journal, especially one that will be handled quite a bit, do you put any type of medium on it (ex: decoupage)? Just curious.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Wow that is such an awesome cabinet and $25, you scored!!!