Friday, February 15, 2008


It was only on the market for 2 1/2 weeks. This sweet little house only belongs to us for three more weeks. I'm sad. I know I should be happy. With the crazy housing market, who would have thought it would sell so fast. Hmmmm....maybe we didn't price it high enough. Too late now.

Since the closing is so soon and there is still nothing available in our new town, we have decided to rent a house here for three months. It just so happens that our church owns a rental. It really will be better to finish out the school year here. Then we can have more time to find a decent place to live there, get more information about the schools, etc.

Enough about that for now. In all the craziness I have still found some fun bargains lately.

I bought these wheels from an elderly lady who said they were from her grandmother's tea cart. I want to try to do something like this with them. I paid $3.50 for the pair.
At the same sale I bought this little night stand for $5. It is a nice piece except that it smells like cigarette smoke. I'm really hoping the smell will go away. Does smoke smell seep through paint? Maybe I could paint it. Doesn't really matter right now. It will go in storage until we find a new home.
All these stamps were $1. They were from a business and say things like "Received," "Paid," "Credit Me." Thought they might be fun to use on cards or something. The white bowl was 10 cents!
Found this wonderful Baby Bingo game at a garage sale. It didn't have a price on it (except for the original $1.39 sticker). When I asked the lady told me 5 cents. I just couldn't do it. Are you kidding me?! I paid her a dime instead and still felt like I was stealing from her! It has all the cards and some of the little baby bootee markers haven't even been cut apart. I was really wishing I had gotten to this sale earlier. Who knows what else this lady gave away!

The kids and I have a birthday party to go to. Then hubby should be home and I will hand the boys off to him for P.'s basketball game. It isn't until 8:00 p.m. so I will bring Sweet Girl home to bed instead of watching the game.

Have a great weekend!


Vickie said...

Praise the Lord! I was worried that with the market the way it is it would be on the market a long time. Are you leaving Arkansas?

Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

Just remember, God is in control!
Just think, you don't have to have it spic and span for the next 3 weeks. Enjoy! Love mom

Heidi ( said...

Vanessa! Congrats on the quick sale. To know what you're doing now should give you some relief! Do save your energy, you still have a couple moves. When you pack, be sure to mark your boxes real well! I moved a million times in my life!
Hugs and again, PTL!

Robolady said...

I love all your finds, and those wheels are to die for. I'd love to see your finished project. Love the bingo game as well.

Darla said...

Yippee :)
So glad your house is sold. Best of luck with your move. Hope you LOVE your next home as much!

Dixie said...

All I could think was location, location, location! And it worked great for you! Hope to see you all around the 27th or 28th and help look after Sweet Girl!

Dixie said...

Willene wondered if putting fabric softener sheets in the drawers would help to draw out the smoke smell. Guess it is worth a try while it is in storage.