Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bought & Sold

Last weekend I hit just a few sales. One of the things I bought was this fun little table.
I knew I needed to re-do the top, but wasn't sure what to do with it. It really wasn't a good week to tackle a project - sick girl, rain, etc.- but I wanted to get it in my booth before this weekend. Whenever I had a few free moments and the humidity wasn't sky high, I would run out and work on it. I sanded and primed it first. Then I painted it, but the color ended up being too "country blue" and outdated. Didn't like that. Sanded some more. Painted it white. The coverage wasn't real great. Sanded some more. Applied an antiquing glaze. Sanded some more.

I still wasn't sure if I liked the results, but I was out of time. Within an hour of applying the glaze and sanding for the last time I had this little table in my booth. I figured if it didn't sell after awhile I would bring it home and do something else with the top.
At the thrift store this past week I found this great leather suitcase. I usually don't spend $5 on any one item at the thrift store, but I really liked this one. Loved the details on the latches. I love anything with lettering on it. And although I would have loved to keep it, I just can't keep everything.
The suitcase ended up on the table in my booth. I was very pleased with how this display turned out on Wednesday. I was spiffing up the booth for the Magnolia Blossom Festival this weekend. Since the festival happens right outside the doors of the antique store business is pretty good.

Well, I got a call from the antique store Friday morning. The table had just sold and they wondered if I wanted to put something in its place. I was excited that it had sold so quickly, but worried about getting the booth to look good again. I had an end table that I took in to replace it. Didn't look as good, but it worked. About noon on Saturday I stopped by the booth and noticed that the suitcase was gone. Those two items sure didn't stay around for long!

Before I go, here is a fun little project from Country Living (click on the arrow to go to pg2 on the link). I just realized when I went back to the link that I didn't make my flowers quite the same. I forgot to round off the ends. Oh, well. You should try this. It make you feel like you are back in elementary school. You remember making tissue paper flowers, right? This is the same thing only using tissue from sewing patterns. For my vase I rummaged through my stash and found this antique cuff from a blouse or dress. It fit perfectly over a pint size jar. Pretty!

We are honoring the graduates at church tonight with a potluck after services. I am making two of my favorite potluck items - Caramel Apple Salad and Corn Dip. Shhh....don't tell anyone I'm not bringing a "main dish." Just couldn't think of anything that sounded good and easy this time. I will try to share the two recipes with you next time. What is your favorite potluck food? Leave me a comment and let me know!

{Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2}


Anonymous said...

Caramel Apple Salad, Oh one of my favorites. I need to make that for our next potluck. I mmade bubble pizza the other night, and missed you even more. Love the blog as much as ever. Love and miss Sheri

Anonymous said...

Love the table and suitcase, you did a great job!Wish I was their to garage sale with you. Love mom

bec4 said...

I love the table and can see why it sold so quickly! And the suitcase for $5 is a steal!

Corene said...

I too noticed those flowers made from patterns in CL. And you've already made them :). I thought that CL issue was full of great ideas...I think the new editor loves to be frugal/crafty, as I used to get her mag "Budget Living."

Jill said...

Congrats on the sales! I really like flowers made out of anything and may have to try the tissue paper.
One of my favorite pot luck dishes is deviled eggs. My kids love them so I know there will be something there that they'll like and they are always gone after the first wave of people so others must like them too. I also have an awesome tupperware carrier that displays them nicely so that's another reason to always bring the eggs!