Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pot Luck Recipes

Good morning! I just came in from having a cup of coffee on the porch. The birds were singing and the rain was softly falling. What a beautiful way to start the weekend!

I almost forgot that I told you I would share a couple of my favorite recipes. Please note that the photo above has nothing to do with this post. I just liked it!

Caramel Apple Salad (or Snicker Salad)
2 small boxes of instant vanilla pudding
3 cups milk
1 8oz. container Cool Whip
3 Granny Smith apples
3 Snickers bars

Mix the pudding and milk until thickened. Fold in Cool Whip. Cut the apples (unpeeled) and Snickers into small pieces and stir into pudding mixture. Refrigerate until ready to serve. This is best eaten the day you make it. Yummy! It is really like a dessert, but if you call it a salad it sounds a lot healthier!

Corn Dip

1 can yellow corn (drained)

1 can shoe peg (white) corn (drained)

1 can Rotel

1 can chopped green chilies

1 8oz. bar of cream cheese

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. cumin

1 tsp. chili powder

The recipe says to mix all ingredients and bake at 350° until bubbly. I put everything in my crockpot. Also, I usually add some shredded cheddar cheese. Serve with Fritos or tortilla chips.

I have no idea why blogger formatted those two recipes different. I also have no idea how to fix it. Things like that drive me crazy. Hubby is still sleeping or I would have him fix it. Oh, well.

I think I will head to town to see if there are any garage sales. May not be too many since it is a holiday weekend. This afternoon we are going to some friends for a crawfish boil. The boys are excited. I'm looking forward to spending time with friends. The crawfish - not so much.

{A meal of bread and water in contented peace is better than a banquet spiced with quarrels. Proverbs 17:1}


Molly said...

I ran across that salad recipe the other day and saw it came from you. I must make it soon -- so yummy! I have just caught up on reading your blogs (I was way behind!). Loved them all and loved catching up with you through them, sweet friend. Miss you.

Jill said...

Crawfish? I wonder if I would like it? The party does sound fun though. I will try the dip. I've often wondered what showed up at potlucks in other parts of the country. Interesting that the apple salad is seen here in Neb. too and I think everybody loves it. I haven't made it in a long time. This is a good reminder.

Cammie said...

I love that bowl you have the strawberries in, I have a small collection of them in red, blue and yellow. Thanks for the recipes, I can't wait to try the dip pne, sounds yummy!