Thursday, May 7, 2009


Okay, I have a question for you. When do you turn on your AC in your home? Do you wait until it reaches a certain temperature outside? Do you wait for a specific day on the calendar? I'm just curious. I'm cheap and like to hold off as long as possible before turning on the AC. Today it is 90° outside and 82° inside. Is it time? Of course, when I do turn it on it will probably be set at 80° (told you I was cheap) so maybe I can hold off a little longer. Hmmm....

I've been sick all week. Sore throat, fever, headache, swollen glands.... I finally went to the doctor today. It has been over five years since I have been sick enough to go to the doctor. She put me on antibiotics but said they may not do any good because it could be a viral infection. Guess we will see. I do think I am feeling a bit better this afternoon. Now I am just praying that the rest of the family stays healthy.

I've received some sweet gifts lately and I wanted to share them with you. My friend Jan emailed me a few weeks ago and said she had a little something for me. First I have to tell you how I met Jan. She stopped me in the thrift store one day and said, "Are you Vanessa? I read your blog." She was actually the second person to do that. Before that I had no idea that anyone in this town read my ramblings. Now I have to be careful what I say about this town. Ha!

Back to the gift. Jan had found this folding ruler and knew I would love it. I do! recruited my eight year old to shape it into a star. A couple weeks later I found another folding ruler at a garage sale. Now I have a star on each french door. Thanks, Jan!

I have another friend Jan who I met at a garage sale. Later I figured out that we went to church together. We both have booths in the same antique store. Actually, she has more than one booth in Checkers and another booth in the other mall. I think she should be dubbed the Junk Queen or Garage Sale Queen or something. I've figured out that if I need to find something I should just ask Jan. So far she has come through for me every time.

I've been wanting a clothesline for quite some time. I mentioned to Jan that I was on the lookout for some clothesline poles. Guess what? She just happened to have some at her place. One of them needed some repairs and her husband took it someplace to be welded. Isn't that sweet? I'm excited to get them put up and start using them. Thanks, Jan and Vernie!

The second Jan has a sister, Pat, who also has a booth at Checkers. One day I spotted this flashcard in my booth. There were also cards in Jan's booth, Dave's booth (Jan's son) and Pat's booth. Turns out that Pat had bought a box of flashcards at a sale and was having fun leaving us all messages with them. I told her if she ever wanted to get rid of the flashcards I would love to purchase them from her. She said she had had her $2 worth of fun and would pass them along. She brought them to me a couple days later. The box was huge! 500 flashcards! Pat said I didn't need to pay her for them, but I gave her $2. I still feel like I stole from her. The flashcards are wonderful. Thanks, Pat!

My cousin Linda (second cousin? first cousin once removed?) send me a box of goodies recently. Vintage fabric. Buttons. Zinc lids. Jewelry. All kinds of fun things. It was like Christmas opening the box and digging through it. Thanks, Linda!

Yesterday I trudged out to the mailbox feeling horrible. What a surprise to find a little package from my dear friend Molly. There was a sweet note telling me that I am always in her prayers. I needed that. She also sent a new "C" to add to my collection. Thank you, Molly!

{Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15}

P.S. Hubby just arrived home from work and turned on the AC.


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Wow! We've had ours on for at least a month and if not this weather today would have definitely been the defining day! It's yucky out...there is just no other way of putting it!

Anonymous said...

When we lived in North Carolina, before kids, we had just a window AC unit. I would leave it off until just ten minutes before Ty got home from work and then would cool off our house for him to come home. :) Now, I usually check and see if it will be "hot" more than three days in a row... AND will it cool off at night? We have a really great cross breeze through our townhouse, so if I can keep the windows open, it stays nice. :) I'm a frugal person and LOVE the money we save on our electric bill in the spring and fall months!
Your blog is always such a blessing! Thanks for sharing... and I pray you're feeling better QUICKLY!
~Missie Ray G

Anonymous said...

Loved the blog. You know me very hot natured, but don't turn ours on until we are uncomfortable in the house, if its hot outside but still reasonibly cool in the house, we just used our ceiling fans. But 80 in the house I am sure ours would be on! What great new friends you have found. I knew you would. Love and Miss Sheri

Corene said...

Our heat still kicks on at night! I mentioned to Trey that Missouri is going to feel really hot to us when we go to the family reunion.