Saturday, August 22, 2009

Junk Therapy

Good evening! Thank you for stopping by my blog. If you read this post you know that life has been a wee bit stressful around here. Well, late yesterday afternoon my husband finally got a phone call. He was not hired for the position he had applied for. We are very disappointed but know that He must have a reason.

I have neglected my antique booth for the past month or so. Not knowing if you were going or staying, I just wasn't sure what to do with it. Now that I know we will be here for a while longer I really need to get it spiffed up.

Junk therapy is always good for stress relief, so I headed out for a bit this morning. I was glad to find some things to put in my booth. This "Hermes Rocket" typewriter is the cutest little thing. I think if I can find a ribbon for it that it will work. Interestingly, I have a larger "Hermes" the same pretty green that I also need to sell.

Last weekend at a sale I bought two jelly jars with red lids. After I got home I was wishing I would have bought all the other jars they had. There were no lids, but I thought they would make great little dessert dishes. This morning I found all of these. Same jars - just moved to a different sale than last weekend. I guess it was meant to be - especially for 10 cents each!

I know, I know. I am supposed to be buying things to re-sell. So, while I love this pretty J&G Meakin platter, it is headed to the booth.

This little log cabin cookie jar might be headed to the booth. My parents live in a log house, so maybe I should give it to them. What do you think, Mom?

You really should click on this "black mammy" picture to enlarge it and see the details. It is not a painting, but actually a collage. The head wrap, dress, scarf and apron are cut out of fabric. The basket is some sort of textured material. This type of thing is pretty collectible down here in the south.

I know I could find a place for this hooked rug footstool in my house, but I guess I should sell it.
The wooden piece is an old prayer kneeling bench. I'm not sure exactly what you call it. I thought it was unique.
This book of "Horse Stories" was only 10 cents. It isn't in great shape, but I still liked it. It reminds me of the cowboy room my boys used to have.

The carved owl really isn't my type of thing, but I have a couple other owl items I will group together in the booth this fall. Of course, razorback items always sell here in Arkansas. Can't say I am really a Hog fan, but lots of people are.

I liked this green basket and the bottles came with it. I want to keep the basket. Maybe I will sell one I already have here and keep this one.

I wish I could get this one on the right clean. It has a "film" on it that I can't get off. Any suggestions? You can't see it, but it says "Union Made" on it. The other purple bottle will be very pretty as a flower vase.

I am keeping this one, because our last name is Covington. Do you suppose J.Y. was a relative?

I didn't take pictures of the very cool Lego set I found for the boys this morning. I also found a pair of dress pants for my hubby. That might have been the purchase I was most excited about. He is too tall for "regular" clothes, but not big enough for "big and tall" clothes. Shopping for him is not easy. I was very thankful to find the like-new pants today.

It is time for me to put Sweet Girl to bed. Then I need to take clothes off the line and make some banana bread with the "marked-down" bananas I bought yesterday. Yum!

{She knows when to buy or sell, and she stays busy until late at night. Proverbs 31:18}


kristy mae said...

The jar with your last name is a very cool find! I'm jealous of the lego set even though you didn't post a picture...I'm always looking for legos for H at garage sales & thrift stores.
My first thought on removing the film is vinegar/warm soapy water solution. You've probably already tried that though.

Anonymous said...

Love the cookie jar. Is it McCoy?
Would love to go garage hopping with you.Love you.

Catherine said...

Your news is bittersweet - I'm sorry/happy you have to stay around! I know we hardly get to enjoy it, but just having a friend like you near is wonderful.
And I want that footstool! Mine!

Don and Dixie said...

You have some really neat finds out there today. Will have to investigate the J.Y. Covington to see what I can find. Very good therapy for you.

Corene said...

Sorry you didn't get the job you wanted. Am praying the right job/place will come along.

Cindy said...

I am praying about the job. I know the right one will come along. Loved all your finds. Give "sweet girl" a hug for me!

Miss G said...

I am so sorry about the job. :( Your attitude is good though.

I do think those little jelly jars would be cute dessert dishes! That's so neat that you had a second chance at them. That little log cabin is adorable. How neat to find a bottle with your name on it. Have you tried vinegar and baking soda on the one with the film? That's what my grandma always advises me to use. Have a good day. Kelly

Shara said...

Denture cleaner usually will clean an old bottle out.

*Love that Mammy photo - I collect Black Americana - I would have swooped that up in a heartbeat.

**I'm happy to hear of another Arkie who is not a Razorback fan. DH lives and breathes the stuff. Not me!