Saturday, October 20, 2007


When we lived in Kansas I used my clothesline all the time. The wind would blow and have my clothes dried in no time. Now that we live in Arkansas it pretty much only gets used for picture taking! The thing is, it doesn't get very windy here and the humidity is so high that it would take forever to dry anything. It is really kind of sad that clotheslines are becoming a thing of the past. There is just something about fresh laundry flapping in the breeze!
I found these two quilt tops at a garage sale last weekend. I paid $3 for the two of them together. They will probably end up in the antique booth. Not sure if anyone will want them, but I thought they were fun. I especially like the "polka-dot" one!
Does anybody know if it would be considered a "snowball" pattern?
Some of the same fabrics were used in both quilts. Do you ever look at a quilt and dream up stories about the fabric? Auntie's worn out apron.....Grandpa's old work shirt.....little Suzy's outgrown dress....empty flour sacks.....

Today is a busy day! Here is a rundown: 5:00 a.m. - woke up to sweet girl coughing, checked on her and decided I wouldn't get back to sleep so I just stayed up. 8:00 - Hubby and Boy #1 leave for football game. 9:00 - Boy #2, Sweet Girl and I leave for soccer tournament after a quick detour by the bank and a stop at an auction to pick up a bidding number for later. 10:15 - Hubby and Boy #1 arrive at soccer and I leave for the auction. I was fairly successful at the auction. I'll take pictures of my finds and post later in the week. 12:45 - I arrive back at soccer and Hubby and Boy #1 then leave for the college football game. 1:45 - Soccer is finally over and Boy #2 , Sweet Girl and I head home. At 6:00 the three of us will head to a birthday party. Around 6:30 Hubby will swing by after the football game to pick up Sweet Girl and get her home to bed while we stay for the rest of the party. Craziness!


kari said...

Love that polka dot cute!

Pam said...

Don't think it's a snowball quilt. More likely a modified Drunkard's path.