Friday, October 5, 2007

The Story of My Life

If you have read my blog much at all, I am sure you have noticed a theme. That theme is "I should be cleaning my house, but....." This morning the garage sales were the "but." Honestly, I don't get to many garage sales anymore. With soccer, football....well, just the fact that I have three kids and a is hard to find the time. This morning I decided to hit a few after I took the kiddos to school. So glad I did! Four sales and lots of fun stuff!

This picture is a little blurry. I found a Normal Rockwell picture with a pretty frame (see the detail below), a Home Interiors shutter shelf, an old glass jar (can't seem to pass those up), and an embroidered pillowcase.
Isn't this a pretty frame?
A couple wall hangings for the house.
Here is a Fire King pie plate, another jar, some old jar lids, a set of apple bakers and a set of juice glasses with horseshoes on the bottom. All this, except for the jar and lids will go in my antique booth.
Beautiful teacups! I honestly don't know a lot about teacups - I need my SIL for that. I do know that they were definitely worth the $2 each that I paid for them. They also will go in the antique booth.

I think I did pretty good for less than $20, especially since a lot of it is for resale. Now if only the "cleaning fairy" would have come to my house while I was gone.....

On another note - what MAN invented white football pants?! I KNOW it was not a mom who came up with this idea. I'm so tired of trying to get these things clean. It should just be an official football rule - ONLY DARK COLORED PANTS ALLOWED!

Okay, I guess the cleaning fairy isn't coming so I better get busy. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend!


Dixie said...

Those are really some cool finds! Hope the antique booth is going well. Don't have the white pants cleaning solution anymore on my kitchen door, but your SIL Pam has it on hers still. Give her a call Sunday night after she gets home from Colorado Springs. Sure she will share it. Sure beats all the scrubbing. Sure your hubby remembers those white pants.

kari said...

Fun garage sale finds! The white pants are the worst - we had white baseball pants a couple years ago and I couldn't keep them clean, either. My MIL swears by soaking them in Biz bleach before you wash them every time. I never tried, I think I was too lazy, LOL.