Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Good Report

We made it back from Houston. We had good reports from the doctors. Sweet Girl has gained a significant amount of weight over the last six months. That made for a very happy GI doc! While we were checking in at the neuro appt. we got to visit with some other Rett families. Three of the four girls there (including our Sweet Girl) had birthdays within five days of each other. It was fun to see three 5 year olds there together. One of the girls walks quite well. That was encouraging to see. The other girl was 9 and actually lives about an hour from here. We had never met any other Rett families from Arkansas, so it was nice to visit with them.

Here are the kiddos at the Gulf of Mexico.
The birthday boy with his card that I made him. I just went through my stash and found all the "7"s I could find and attached them to the paper. Pretty simple.
We spent most of Friday at the Space Center. The boys had a great time!
Docking the space ship.

Mission control.

Now I need to get caught up on things here to begin a new week. I'm really wanting to work on making some Christmas things - cards, ornaments, gifts, etc. Hopefully I can find time for some of that this week. I hope you find time for the things you enjoy also.

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