Saturday, November 10, 2007

Army Men

Yeah! It's the weekend again! Hubby has been out of town since Tuesday morning. He will be home later this afternoon. Hope he doesn't mind seeing all the great finds I came across the last couple of days. I like Friday garage sales because I can go after I take the kiddos to school. I did that yesterday. Then this morning I bribed the kids with donuts and took them along to some more sales. Gotta get my "fix" before winter sets in and people stop having them.

I found some beautiful children's books for 10 cents each. The ones in the back are those old "plastic" books that you can wipe clean. The bird notecards have scripture on them and are so pretty. I think I will use them on cards, journals, etc.
It is hard to tell in the picture, but this is a pretty olive/sage green shelf. It has a groove for plates, but I think I will put pictures of the kids on it. Isn't the bed skirt pretty? Both of these are for our bedroom.
Some fun vintage Christmas decorations....At the antique mall where I have my booth, most people don't do much for seasonal displays. I'm going to be different and change mine out for the holidays - not a lot, but hopefully it will catch people's eye.

I'm told this is actually something you put underneath a wood stove to protect the floor. I think it looks neat in propped in front of the fireplace. It was $2!
And if I get tired of the front side I can turn it around. It has its own unique look. At the estate sale where I bought the Christmas items I also bought a big box of "goodies" for $3. It was full of all kinds of trim, velvet ribbon and....
...these beauties! Most of this looks to be old lace collars.
This one still has the mother of pearl buckle attached. Just lovely!

And since the kids were with me we had to buy these.

Now back to the regularly scheduled laundry! Have a great weekend!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hello Vanessa! I am so happy you found me because now I have found you! Looks like you and I like a lot of the same things. I love to do paper crafts...I am a scrapbooking fool! I have that same Cosmo Cricket paper that you made a card out of for your sil. I love to find old vintage papers etc to use as well. Love the metal baskets you found. Have you ever used Melalueca? It is a all natural cleaner? The Melaleuca cleaner would get all the marker stains out. You have found some awesome stuff thrifting. I will add you to my faves as well! I better go...I was taking a break from my son's birthday for a sec. Cherry

Willie said...

I love the old Christmas ornaments and that is a board to put under a stove to save your floor. We use to have one when we burned wood.