Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Colors of Christmas #1

Blue, Teal, Pink & Green!
My decorating is sort of a hodge-podge of things. I thought I would divide it into a few posts and feature certain colors each time. The first one is very colorful! It's funny how all these things just sort of came together. I certainly didn't set out to collect these colors. I'm generally more traditional.

I can't seem to pass up vintage Shiny Brites and other ornaments this year. I love the pink and teal ones. The long, skinny ornaments say "Poland" on them. I'm guessing they are fairly old, but I really don't know. I purchased them, the box of curling ribbon and the little gift bag from an estate sale. The lady who was selling her mother's things found it interesting that all I bought was the "old" stuff. She had rooms full (I'm not kidding) of brand new Christmas items. I wasn't interested in that.

So, I am getting the ornaments out and trying to decide where to put them. Then I remembered this unique "purse" I bought a few months ago at a yard sale. At the time I had no idea why I bought it. It is one of those things I would look at, walk away and then gravitate back to. I guess it was meant to be.

The jar of light bulbs matches everything perfectly!

I picked up this little velvet tea pot ornament yesterday at the thrift store.

And I have to include a picture of Sweet Girl with her new PINK gait trainer. Look out world! Here she comes!


Anonymous said...

Can I come to your home before Christmas to see all of your treasures? I am sure the pictures don't do it justice! It is really pretty!

jamesm said...

I've been loving all your posts lately! Really gets me into the christmas spirit.. I have christmas pictures I just need to post, but not as fun as yours! Thanks for sharing!

Heidi ( said...

I have to laugh at the comment about you only going for the "old" stuff! That's me too! And I have on my Christmas tree right now several boxes of the glass ornaments from Poland with the skinny tops! I love them! But oh, I made a mistake...yesterday at the thrift store I passed up on buying two little boxes of the mini shiny brites! ..bad girl.. Have a great weekend!

mom said...

Would love to go shopping with you. The teal and pink is great. It's snowingf again! I'm sewing retro aprons-Christmas gifts.Love, mom

ELLIE said...

LOVE LOVE the bright and festive....wonderful eye candy...the pictures are terrific...
Thanks for sharing it all

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness those colors are scrumptious! I found myself gravitating to the more non-traditional colors myself this year at Hobby Lobby. I am going to try next year to have room for a few more trees. Right now we are just doing good to have our tree up and a few decorations.

The fall was taken up with football for two of our boys and now the winter is busy with basketball, church activities, and various other things that teenagers want to be a part of at this stage of life. I am having a hard time keeping up with them! I will be glad when we have an additional driver here in a few months!!

I just wanted to drop in this cold, snowy morning and let you know that I love the beautiful ornaments you were showing us.

Have a blessed rest of the day!

Willie said...

What great finds. I love Martilee's walker. I bet she really likes it.