Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Good Morning!

How pitiful is that? I can't even think of a catchy title this morning. It's still early. I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. Thank you for all the comments on my give-away. It is so fun to read them and look at all the other blogs out there. It's not too late to enter. Just leave a comment here before the end of the day on Dec. 6.

Recently I saw a picture on someone's blog with an old typewriter and vintage postcards. I loved the idea and decided to do the same thing here. Sorry I can't remember who to give credit to. I will try to share more Christmas photos soon. I'm almost embarrassed after reading other blogs. My decorations pale in comparison. Oh, well.

Don't forget to enter my give-away if you haven't already. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

I love this old typewriter vignewtte! Sweet...don't stop showing your pictures!

dd2njoy said...

What a wonderful idea,it looks great and your cards are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, you could title the typewriter and card display as "Keys to Friendship."