Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sunsets and Porches

Hello! We still don't have internet service so I am at hubby's office using his computer. Couldn't stand to go any longer without blogging. I've been writing down the things I want to blog about. The list is getting long.
So, this is the view from our backyard on the first evening we were there. I love how the clouds are peaking over the trees and you can see the sunbeams shining out.
I keep walking out on the front porch and thinking, "This porch is huge!" It really is. I knew there was a reason I never got rid of this table. It's been in my garage for a few years. Now it is perfect on the porch. I had my breakfast there this morning. Feel free to come visit me on my porch sometime.

It is going to take me a while to unpack boxes. I want to start decorating but can't do that until the essentials are put away. Had to do something a tad bit creative today.
These are old nesting boxes. I bought them several years ago when we still lived in KS. When we moved to AR there really wasn't a place to put them so they just ended up in the garage. This new house really doesn't have a mud room, but there is a space inside the backdoor that I could already tell was going to be overrun with shoes and clutter. Today I moved the nesting boxes in there. Each family member has two boxes. I'm not sure if you can see or not, but I put our initials in the middle. That's my creativity for the day.

Here are some other things I want to blog about. I'm out of time for today so I will have to save the details for future posts.
  • neighborly neighbors
  • fire ants
  • walking on a country road
  • guests in the bathroom
  • blackberries in the woods
  • new town, new thrift store, fun find
  • found a doctor

Oh, my! So much I want to write about. Sure hope we get internet SOON!

Thank you to my friends who have called or emailed to see how I am doing. I miss you all!


Don and Dixie said...

So glad you are enjoying your new surroundings! Would love to sit on the porch with you and have a cup of coffee. Someday. Glad you were successful in finding a doctor. Will look forward to your future blogs. Love you all.

Heidi ( said...

I love the view you showed of the sun over the clouds/trees. God is awesome to paint that picture for YOU! I love your porch, and the table you've set up. If I was anywwhere near you I'd bring a coffee cake over and we'd sit there eating and chatting! I'm looking forward to hearing more, especially since you gave us your blogging topic list! ants??? OUCH! Take care!

Crosby said...

Hey Covingtons, just thought I would say hello. We are missing you guys... How's my little girl? Hope you guys get to come back this way sometime.