Friday, June 27, 2008

How did that happen?

How did the month of June almost completely disappear? It can't be gone. I have too many things yet undone. I need more time. July is going to have to be postponed a bit. Please, pretty please?!

I mentioned the other day that I had found a thrift store in my new town. The store is little and it smells......really bad. But how can I not like it when I found this the very first time I visited?
Isn't this window beautiful? It was sitting just outside the front door of the store with no price tag. When I went in and asked I quickly pulled out my $1 bill to pay for it. It is the perfect shade of robin's egg blue. (Please note that I have not cleaned it up yet.)
Here is a little detail. I was pleased that it still had the hardware attached. I'm going to use it to decorate in our master bedroom. Maybe I will put some of those new "wall words" on each window. I thought about putting a photograph in each window. Maybe these. How would I attached them without tape or other adhesive showing? Any ideas?

So, the other day I got my sweet little cabinet filled with special treasures and then realized (well, actually mom informed me) that it was upside down. Duh! How could I not notice that? I had already taken the pictures, so you are just going to have to see them this way. I have since taken everything out, turned it over and put everything back in.

See? It is upside down.
The friendship stitching and figurine are from my sweet friend Pamela from KS. We are forever friends. The little baby doll is from my friend Molly. What a special gift to remember a special friendship. (Sorry, Molly. I found the blue jar as I was unpacking. I'm going to keep it. Good memories.) As I am typing this it makes me think of all the other special friends I've left behind. Maybe I will jot down names and memories on bits of paper and put them in the jar. Yes, I think I will do that. A little memory jar!
My friend Sheri gave me the green glass memory ball one year for Christmas. The sheet music is some that I bought at a flea market just the other day. I thought this one above was a good reminder to see every day.

My parents were here this week. We got a lot accomplished and had a great time. I'll try to take pictures of the decorating mom and I did. I never would have gotten so much done without her. For now I need to get off the computer. I have been on here too long already.

{The sweet smell of incense can make you feel good, but true friendship is better still. Proverbs 27:9}


Don and Dixie said...

So good to see you back on the blog! Know you have accomplished a lot this week. So good you could have your parents there. Will look forward to more pics and blogs.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if maybe you and your family and anyone else that you might be able to talk to, would be praying for my sister-in-law (Don's sister). She was just told today that her cancer has spread and she may only have days left. I'm trying to petition as many prayers as I can for her, her daughter, my mother-in-law, Don and all of my other sis-in-laws and brother-in law. Thanks
Linda Smith

Molly said...

Sweet cabinet....displaying momentoes of special friends! I'm honored to be included. And, uh, I guess you can have that blue jar!
Great idea to use it as a memory jar of special times with special friends. I'll think about how to hang those pics in that great window from the flea market.