Sunday, July 13, 2008

And the winner is.....

Sorry I didn't post a winner for my give away yesterday. My internet was moving at turtle-speed and I didn't feel like dealing with the frustration. It is working much better today!

I know there are some fancy number generator things out there, but that is too technical for me. Instead, I do things the old-fashioned way - paper and scissors. All the names are in this little bowl.
I picked one out and the winner is.....

....from the monkeybox. Shara, I'll send you an email, but if the email doesn't go through, please contact me with your mailing address. I'll send your goodies ASAP. Thanks again, everyone, for all your nice comments.

In my last post I mentioned that creating was my "therapy." Garage saling and thrifting also do good to ease my stress. Yesterday I went out saling in our new town for the first time. There were only a few sales. I found a some clothes for Sweet Girl and a few other odds and ends. Then I stood in line for half an hour waiting for an Estate Tag Sale. So glad I did!

I've wanted one of these baskets for a long time. I come across them in antique stores every now and then but they are too expensive. This one is about 25 inches long and 15 inches deep and is in great shape.
I paid $10 for it and its contents - mostly dirty, old and broken toys. There were a couple neat books, some playing cards and an incomplete wooden puzzle of the U.S. I kept the few "goodies" and tossed the rest. I think I will use the basket in our bedroom to store extra blankets.
I also bought these doilies and a box of old lace and ribbon. There were some old buttons, but there was this one woman just grabbing things right and left. She snatched them up as I was reaching for them. Oh, well.

I found a few other things that I will share in my next post. I went back to the tag sale this afternoon for "half price" day. Stay tuned for more fun finds. Needless to say, my stress level had decreased after a morning of "hunting."

I hope you all had a beautiful morning of worship. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

{This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24}


Shara said...

Yeah! Thank you Vanessa! Looking forward to recieving all the goodies. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I just came by for a visit via Pleasant View Schoolhouse and enjoyed your blog very much. I enjoy thrifting, too! Have a happy day. Blessings from Peggy in Virginia.

Sand Flat Farm said...

Vanessa - Thanks for stopping by! I've been checking in on you from time to time to keep up with the Big Move. Looks like you are getting alot unpacking! I love your house, especially the huge front porch. I hope to have one like that someday.

I'm glad you found a thrift store nearby to go digging in. We gotta have our junking fix, don't we! I pray that the Lord will help you guys get settled into your new home and surroundings, that your kids will make good friends, and that you, too, will find some special ladies that will help you to feel "at home" real soon! Blessings to you - Vickie

Molly said...

Like the new "front" for your blog. Guess you wanted a new face for the new year. Congrats to Shara and I'm sure she'll enjoy all the treasures you send. Speaking of treasures, what a great basket/trunk you got! Glad you've gotten to go bargain hunting and releived some stress while having fun.