Monday, July 21, 2008

Craft Therapy!

I finally carved out some time to do a bit of creating. I got most of my craft supplies unpacked last week. That helps!
It was fun to make this collage. I was pleased with how it all came together. Blue and birds are some of my favorites lately.
My dilema - keep this collage for the master bedroom or use it as a wedding gift this weekend? I started out making it for a gift, but I sure do like it. Hmmm....
When you are out thrifting keep your eye out for those little boxes of scripture cards. They are great to use in collages and cards.
I also made a couple of cards. I am going to submit them to Lilybean's sketch challenge. I absolutely love everything that gal creates. Man, is she good! Often when I am "stuck" on a project I will go to her blog for inspiration.
This one is a wedding card for a wedding we are attending this weekend. Now I've just got to decide on that gift!

That's all for now!


LaurieStar said...

Craft therapy is the best! I love your cards and your collage!

Don and Dixie said...

Very good set of creations! I have 5 or so boxes of cards that belonged to Grandma C. You will have to take a look sometime when you are here.

Layla said...

Okay, you've GOT to make me one of the bird/sheet music collages!!! How much would you charge for one? LOVE IT! :-)

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