Thursday, July 31, 2008

Got Forks?

Then create a shelf! I decided to work on decorating our bedroom yesterday. I got to one spot and decided I needed a little shelf - something light and airy. I dug in the bottom of a box and found some pieces of glass shelving. But what to do for brackets?
Why not forks? Hey, it worked! I just bent them, nailed them to the wall and put the glass on top.
I love decorating on the cheap! The mirror - 25 cents at a garage sale. The star - after Christmas clearance at Walmart. Wire nest candle holder - 30 cent thrift store bargain. The scrapbook - priceless! It is the one I created for my Grandma with her 38 great grandchildren.
Here's an upclose of the fork bracket and my little "tiara" that I found at a thrift store. Isn't it pretty? I like all the "sparkle" in this display.
Here is a corner of the bedroom. This loveseat was in Sweet Girl's room in the old house.
The old wooden hanger was a thrift store find this weekend. It has a hotel advertisement on it. And my collage. I decided to keep it. Someone asked me if I would sell it. I can't part with this one, but if you are seriously interested in purchasing one, please let me know. I can work out a price and re-create this to the best of my ability.
Remember my window? I've been debating what to do with it. I still may eventually put photos behind the glass, but I love this look for now. I just printed the words onto vintage sheet music and used double stick tape to stick them to the front of the glass. I just sat it on the bed to get the feel for it. Do you think it is safe to hang this puppy above my bed? It is heavy. What would be the best way to hang it? Any suggestions? Notice we don't have a headboard. Never have. That's why I like to hang something large above the bed.
My basket found a place beneath the window.
This is an old sewing cabinet that belonged to my MIL's neighbor. It still had some of the old notions in it when my MIL brought it to me.
A little birdie and her eggs!
And the scripture for the day!


Don and Dixie said...

Oh, to be so creative! My brain just doesn't go there. You must be just about done with your decorating. Love it all.

Anonymous said...

For whatever reason I am not getting your emails with your addy...your goodies are boxed and ready to go!!!
I love your window with the collages pasted on it... What a great idea!
Can you try again to email me your address and we will go from there

jen duncan said...

Such great decorating ideas! And you can never go wrong using those old windows. :-)

Brooklyn said...

The fork idea is brilliant!

vikki said...

love your fork idea! very creative! the window is wonderful. they are heavy with the panes of glass. you may have to pound into the wall studs to make it secure. also love the wooden hanger as a 'hanger' too cute! wonderful ideas. hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

Sandra Evertson said...

Great blue window!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love the forks. I love old vintage silverware. cherry

Heidi ( said...

Hi Vanesa!
I love all your creative decorating! I've always wanted to try something like your fork shelf. (Once I made a "fork" paper plate holder!) The window with music and Bible words is lovely. If I were hangning it above a bed I might turn it horizontal, may look nice that way.

Have a great day, hopefully a cool one, too!

Felicia said...

I especially love the picture hanging by some pretty ribbon from a wooden hanger :)