Friday, July 11, 2008

The Keys to Decorating

First, thank you all so much for the kind words and blog birthday wishes. It has been so fun to read all the comments! I won't do the drawing until tomorrow (Saturday) morning, so there is still time to leave a comment on the previous post.

Remember these keys? I spray painted them black the other day. Much better now, I think. My "main" rooms are just about unpacked and decorated. I think the "key" to decorating is added little touches as you go. Some things look a bit bare right now, but as I find just the right thing at a garage sale or thrift store I can add to what is already there.
We have no mantle! I guess the previous owners never got around to that. I would love to find an old one, but not sure if it would be the right size. Seems to me like the bricks go up pretty high on the fireplace. Does anyone have any creative and inexpensive ways to "make" a mantle? Please let me know. The mantle is always one of my favorite places to decorate. The bricks just aren't doing it for me!
I know the laundry room isn't very exciting, but I am trying to make the most of it. A while back I read a blog post about "creative concealing". I don't remember which blog or the exact title of the post. Sorry. Anyway, I was trying to do that here. Some of my cleaning supplies are partially hidden in my old locker baskets. That basket hanging on the wall is covering up the water lines (sort of). The basket is where I have all my cleaning rags. The old feedsack is hanging over the electrical box.

I put my dryer sheets in the old enamel pitcher. The clothespin bag holds stray socks until they find a mate.
I love these old glove stretchers. I need to find some stocking stretchers. Can you see the "curtain" hanging clear over on the left? That is a sheet I hung up to hide the hideous hot water heater. It is the first thing you saw when you walked in the back door and I was already tired of looking at it.

I think I am going to tackle my craft "room" next. It is actually a large pantry but I am going to use most of the shelving for my craft supplies. I'm feeling the need to be creative and that is hard to do when everything is still in boxes. I keep telling myself that it's not a priority but creating is my "therapy" so I think I better get to unpacking those boxes!

Okay, don't forget to sign up for my give away on the previous post. I'll be back sometime tomorrow or Sunday to announce the winner. Thanks again for all the comments.

{Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17}


Don and Dixie said...

You make me want to come to Arkansas so bad! Can't wait to come see everything (and of course, all of you.) Love all the things you have done.

Darla said...

Love what you have done with your house. Isn't it FUN turning it into your "home" :)
So happy you are getting settled and are finding time to blog. I enjoy reading it.

sheri said...

I am loving the decorating. Looks great.

Molly said...

Love those glove stretchers! Who'd have thought of those?? And that "curtain" covering your water heater is a great idea! I've
"hung" photos on parts of mine, which is beside "my desk area", you may remember. Love the "keys" to decorating! I've not come up with any suggestions for a mantle, yet....A split log from a dead tree on your propterty, perhaps?