Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn Craftiness

Time sure does fly between blog posts! Way back when I first started this blog I posted almost every day. Now I am lucky if I do it twice a week. It is probably because I spend too much time reading all my favorite blogs. Speaking of favorites, Kristi tagged me with an award. Thanks, Kristi! I am supposed to put the picture of the award on my blog and then tag 7 other bloggers. I'll try to do that later in the week.

The first month of my antique booth went very well. I am quite excited! I've gotten several compliments on my displays and people are buying my stuff! The trick is for me to go in, add and rearrange things in my booth and NOT buy anything from anyone else. I did spend $2 in there today. That's not too bad considering I sold $80+ just over the weekend.

I've been trying to keep a good variety of "handmade" items in my booth. My "Halloween Favors" feeder sold right away. Last week I made a chalkboard from an old silver tray (and forgot to take any pictures.) It sold. I also made a journal and it sold today. Didn't take a picture of it either. Of course, there are also things I made earlier that haven't sold. Oh, well.
A couple weeks ago I purchased a tutorial from Dawn at The Feathered Nest. She is an amazing artist and I love that she shares her ideas with others. The photos above and below are my baby shoe pincushion that I made using Dawn's wonderful instructions. Isn't it sweet? It is in my booth, but it is okay if it doesn't sell. I'll keep it!
This morning I made this little collage. It is displayed alongside an Edgar Allen Poe book propped open to "The Raven."
I'm really not a "Halloween" person. I love fall, but could just do without Halloween. Nevertheless, I know other people love decorating for this holiday and I want to accomodate them!
I printed "Boo" onto an old dictionary page and stuck the letters on these old bottles. Didn't even clean them out first. That adds to the spooky factor, right?!

On the homefront, I have been working on cleaning and painting porch furniture. Once that task is done I will put out some fall decorations. Sweet Girl has a nasty cough - typical for this time of year. Other than sounding awful, I really don't think she feels bad. I just put her in bed and she had a beautiful smile on her face. The guys are in town playing basketball at the church. I'm going to finish this post and then sit and read a new magazine that came in the mail today. Love my magazines!

{"Don't hoard your goods; spread them around. Be a blessing to others....." Ecclesiastes 11:2}


The Feathered Nest said...

I LOVE that Bible verse Vanessa!! Your shoe turned out so wonderful! I'm glad that the instructions were easy to understand and follow ~ and your boo bottles are so cute! Just to create a little bit of beauty is all we want to do, right? Wishing you a great day, xxoo, Dawn

Debbie said...

Oh, I LOVE the shoe! I used to make dolls and I still have some old shoes left over. I hope you don't mind if I "steal" your idea for my sewing room?

I've been lurking blogland for over a year and I've finally started my own. Stop by when you have a chance.

Debbie in Florida

Don and Dixie said...

What a neat blog today! The baby shoe is so sweet. Sorry, I don't have any of these around anymore. Hope Sweet Girl's cough is better. Hope you have gotten your porch furniture refinished. Such a nice place to relax. I am done hoarding, time to clean it out.

Brooklyn said...

You can always "steal" anything from my page!!
By the way...I LOVE the BOO bottles!!

Tamara Jansen said...

I'm also not much fond of halloween decorations but harvest themes are wonderful.

Jean said...

I love the little shoe pincushion and I love crafting things, I may have to snag your idea. I hope Sweet Girl feels better real soon. I love Halloween and I'll be posting the pics of my front yard soon. I really do it up! The BOO bottles are cute, too.