Saturday, March 14, 2009

Junk Revolution Bag

I loved this bag when I first saw it over at Junk Revolution. But the price tag was way too steep for my budget (Sorry, Ki). Let's see....a week's worth of groceries for the family or a fun bag for me?! I decided the bag would have to wait. Then I found a great canvas messenger bag at a garage sale for $1. Perfect!

This week I finally got around to working on my version of the great bag. On another blog (I don't remember which one) I saw a fun scarf tied around the handle of a tote bag. I liked the idea and found a scarf at the thrift store. That set the color scheme for the bag. I just went through my stash of "stuff" and started embellishing.
Fun little flower trim.

Vintage buttons.

An old souvenir pocket knife.

Fabric scraps.

It was fun to make and will be fun to carry around. There won't be another like it, that's for sure! When you are out thrifting or garage saling, make sure you always look at the purses, bags and totes. With a few embellishments you can make a boring bag into a fun one-of-a-kind bag!

Even though I didn't buy Ki's bag, I love her Junk Revolution site. There is a store, a blog, a message board.... Lots of fun stuff! Please go pay her a visit. You'll be glad you did.

We've had lots of cold rain this week. It has been rough - especially after the 80° temps we had last week. Finally it stopped raining this afternoon and the boys were able to go outside and play. They had definitely been cooped up too long.

I better go work on supper. We are having salmon and grilled asparagus. Yummy!

{The shopper says, "That's junk—I'll take it off your hands," then goes off boasting of the bargain. Proverbs 20:14}


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

What a great bag- I think you dod a fantasic job on yours!!! LOVE IT!

Tinta's Treasures said...

I like what you did with your tote. Looks just as good as Ki's. Carry it with pride!!!
Cindy (tinta)

Don and Dixie said...

Your bag is so CUTE! Glad it finally stopped raining. You can send some our way.

bec4 said...

Oh it turned out so cute! Great job!

Ki said...

Great job...and I take no offense! I love to see junkers using my ideas. That's what it is all about! Thanks for sending folks my way!

Ros Horton said...

LOVE your paraphrase of that verse! SOooooo true!