Saturday, March 21, 2009

Country Living Collectibles - Part II

Okay, on to Part II of "Country Living Collectibles." These are some of my favorite!

#4 Buttons
Buttons are so much fun! I love to sort through buttons; dividing them by color, admiring unique designs and shapes.... I have them displayed in jars. I use them in my crafts. It is hard to pass them up when I spot them at sales.
Here are some still on the cards. Not only are the buttons beautiful, but many of the cards have great graphics!

#5 Colored Glass

I looked around my house but really couldn't find any colored glass. Glassware really isn't my thing. Now, if old jars were on the list, I could show you lots of them.

#6 Letters
Another one of my favorites! I have a collection of C's (for our last name).
It is fun to always be on the look-out for a new C or just find new ways to display the ones I already have.
Other letters are also fun. I have some old chenille letter jacket letters in the boys room. Scrabble tiles are in abundance. Some sweet M's can be found in Sweet Girl's Room. And I used letter stencils for a fun Christmas picture.

Next time I will finish up with 7-10. I enjoyed the comments on the previous post about what you collect. If you didn't tell me last time, I would love to hear about your collections this time.

{"See what large letters I use as I write to you with my own hand!" Galations 6:11}


Marie Reed said...

Collecting? I have a serious vintage postcard problem! I have 400,000 of them. I seriously need to stop!

Momovthree said...

I love collecting! Loving all your "C's" and the buttons. :)

Jill said...

It's crazy how sorting buttons just pulls you in isn't it? Almost soothing.

Anonymous said...

What a cute post! I collect buttons too...and spend hours separating the colors {probably while I should be cleaning the!}. I love them on the original cards too! Fabulous collection of C's! I think I have too many collections...I could list them all day...and I am always starting new ones!

Catherine said...

I'm so going to start collecting S's!