Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow Day!

Yeah! I'm finally back online. I've been missing my email and blogs. So sad - it has really only been four days, but it sure seemed longer than that.

We got most everything moved to the rental on Saturday. God has blessed us with great friends who helped us. I feel really bad that in another three months or so we will have to ask for help again. The ones who helped this time will probably run the other way when it is time to do it again. I have lots of "stuff" and some of it is quite heavy!

It rained and rained most of Sunday night and Monday. Then the weatherman said it was going to turn to snow. I didn't believe him. This is Arkansas and it is March. Well.....
....I guess the weatherman was right this time! We got a foot of snow! No school! I've actually been hoping for a snow day. It just doesn't seem like winter without one.
The scenery isn't nearly as pretty here as out at our "old" house. I was glad to at least have these trees to photograph.
Basketball anyone?

The snow really melted this afternoon and the town came back to life. In case you don't know, here in Arkansas life comes to a stand-still with any trace of snow. A foot of snow really throw people for a loop!

I need to get the boys in bed. They are worn out from playing outside today. Good night!


phil said...

Great pictures! I wish I could have been there to play with the boys outside.

jamesm said...

Snow fun! I was just in MN and Heidi has a guy friend in Prairie Grove, Arkansas who told her on the phone that it was snowing and my dad didn't believe it, so we had to check the weather online to make sure he was telling the truth and not pulling her leg!
Moving is no fun- I'll be praying for you..

Darla said...

Cool :) Loved your pictures, Vanessa! Hope you are all transitioning well...Wishing you the best!

Dixie said...

The lawn furniture looks so cool! Guess you had another one of those days today!