Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

First of all, I had a few people ask me where I had purchased the life:beautiful magazine. I found it at Hastings bookstore. If you go to the magazine's website (see post below) they have a place where you can locate stores in your area who carry the magazine. I hope you all can find it!

Since we are living in a rental for just a few months I am keeping many things packed away in boxes. Pretty much all of my "pretties" will stay packed. It just seems silly to unpack everything, but I do miss the things that make a house more personal. Yesterday I took some photos of a few of my favorite things that I still get to see each day. Just thought I would share them with you.
I found this vanity mirror at a thrift store (imagine that). Probably paid $1 for it. It is doubled-sided and beveled. There is just something about using it each morning that cheers me. Oh, I love that piece of lace peaking out of the silver cup also. I use it to tie my hair back on occassion.
I've maybe showed you this chair before. I don't remember. I bought it at a garage sale shortly after we moved here to AR. It was perfect for the corner of my bedroom. I love all the different fabrics.
Excuse the clutter and dust on the top. This was an auction purchase a few years back (while still in KS). I hadn't intended on buying it - kinda like the corner cabinet . In both cases, I have admired the pieces but figured they would be out of my budget. Then I realize that very few people are bidding (no idea why) and I really could manage it. This chest of drawers was $120! It is quite large and heavy. You just can't buy furniture like that.

The next couple of things aren't "pretties" but they are still favorites.
These are my new favorite sandals. I splurged and bought these Keens for my birthday. Here is the link if you want to see a better picture. I like that they aren't so "sporty" as a lot of the keens. And the gold carpet in the photo - definitely not one of my favorite things! Gotta love rentals!

Another favorite is getting to watch Sweet Girl ride. Yesterday was the first day of riding since before Christmas. It's been a long time. When we got out there we were told we wouldn't be riding because it was too muddy from all the rain and snow last week. Sweet Girl, who is nonverbal, got pretty grumpy. Don't try to tell me she doesn't understand things. Well, the therapist decided that maybe it really wasn't too muddy. {smile} That girl got happy as soon as she was on the horse! To see another picture of her riding and read more of my thoughts on hippotherapy, please go here .

Guess I have rambled long enough. It's time for me to go get the kiddos from school. Have a great day!


Heidi ( said...

So nice you still have joy in what's unpacked!

Cute horse pictures.

I'll look for that lovely magazine when I go on my "road trip" later this month!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article about Martilee. Glad you are getting back in the groove of things. Bet Martilee was really glad to get back on the horse!