Sunday, January 27, 2008


Our last name starts with "C". This collection started with the C that I decorated. I've shown it to you before. It just sort of grew from there.
I found the porcelain ball at Kirkland's. I think I paid around $1 for it. I have it sitting on an old spool of black thread. Next to it is a rug insert. You know, one of those rugs outside your front door. You could personalize them with your initial. Well, at Lowe's the other day they didn't have the rugs, but they had these little guys on clearance for 82 cents. It adds some texture, don't you think?
This card is from an old Probe game. I've also stuck a C stencil in here since I took the picture.
The large C with the cut-outs also came from Kirkland's. They have something similar at Hobby Lobby. The glass came from Goodwill.
It is such a fun little collection. Kind of like saying, "Hey, our name starts with C and we're proud of it!"

"God is all strength for his people, ample refuge for his chosen leader; Save your people and bless your heritage. Care for them; carry them like a good shepherd." Psalm 28:8-9

I'm not sure if that is a good scripture or not. I was trying to tie the last name and the heritage together. Does that make sense? You see, I love Stacey's blog. She has a great sense of humor and she always ends her post with a scripture that somehow ties in to what she has written. I love to see what scripture she is sharing each day. I'm going to try to do that more often.

I need to go for now. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.


Heidi ( said...

Lovely "C" collection! Love the corresponding verse, too. Hope all is going well there!

Anonymous said...

That is really a neat display! We are all proud to be Covington's.