Saturday, July 14, 2007

Favorite Find

Well, I told you yesterday that I would share with you my favorite auction find. Here it is! I was so excited when I bought it that I was actually shaking. Silly, I know. But isn't it terrific?! It's huge - about 6'8" tall (I know that because my husband just stood next to it and it is the same height as him). Guess how much I paid for it.....In fact, leave me a comment with your guess and I will send a little something to the person who gets the closest. No fair if I've already told you how much. I'll take comments until Monday evening and then let you know.

So, the top I keep open for display. There is also stuff on the very top. The bottom is where I keep all my crafting goodies. I can't believe I am actually showing you the inside. It is really messy, but I know where most of the important stuff is. See those little green file drawers? I paid 50 cents for them and they sure are handy. I also have an old wooden drawer in there, some cigar boxes, old jars, recycled fruit cans with fun labels.....So, I don't have a beautiful studio, but I sure love my corner cabinet and all it contains.

By the way, I did some "creating" today and it felt good. I can't show you because the project isn't finished and it is a gift for someone. The photos will have to wait. I do have a quote to share, though. My dear friend Pamela called me one day to tell me she had heard it on Focus on the Family and it made her think of me. "Our creative God loves it when His creation creates."

I think that is what I will leave you with tonight. Good night.

P.S. Sorry if there are weird spaces or the photo placement is strange. I'm still trying to figure out the layout.


Robin said...

No guess here since you have told me how much you paid. But it is a cool, cool piece. You are a lucky shopper!

Dixie said...

This is a wild guess at the price you paid not what is worth tou! How about 5 dollars. Dad c

jamesm said...

I'll guess $22.00 - looks cool!

Leanne said...

okay, I'm really bad at guessing games, but I'll give it a go: How about $10? I love the chipped green paint look!

Patti said...

I will go with $3.50. I know you are a REAL bargain hunter.

Deb said...

$80.00 and it's a great buy!!!