Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Tuesday Tip

I wanted to share this picture that I got super-cheap at Hobby Lobby. I'm not sure where it will end up because my kitchen is all about roosters and red. But doesn't it look great with the green gingham apron?! They are perfect together. That is not why I bought the picture, though. It was the scripture that really drew me in. "and he shall give you another Comforter" John 14:16. Just as tomoto soup is comfort food for the body, the Lord is comfort food for the soul. Isn't that wonderful?!

I came across a blog once that featured a Tuesday Tip each week. I thought that might be fun. These tips will be totally random and I'm not sure if I can come up with a good tip for every single week. Of course, these won't necessarily be "my" tips. In fact, the first one comes from my SIL Leanne.

Since it is summer and yummy corn on the cob season this is a great idea to pass along. Have you ever struggled with buttering that yummy corn? I've tried rolling the ear along a stick of butter and that sure makes a mess. Using a knife is difficult because it seems the butter is always sliding off. Thanks to Leanne our family now has a much better way. Take the heel from a loaf of bread and slather it with butter. Then rub that over your ear of corn. Works like a charm! Just add more butter for the next ear.

Hope you can enjoy some comfort food and the ultimate Comforter today!


one servant said...

Very cool Matthew 25:20 ministry; we will look forward to checking back often.

phil said...

This buttering's so easy, our kids can do it for themselves (which means I don't have to wait to dive in...and that I get the one extra ear, because I'm done before them):)

Thanks, Leanne.