Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Tip #2

No pictures tonight. I will just make this quick because it is late. First for my Tuesday Tip....A couple weeks ago several sticks of chewing gum went through the washer and dryer. There were no big globs of gum stuck to the clothes. Instead it was sort of like a sticky residue all over the clothes. I did a little Google search and found out how to remedy the situation. Take a paper bag and cut a piece from it. Lay the paper on top of the fabric and iron it. Keep moving the paper around to where the gum is. Somehow this takes the gum right off the the fabric. I honestly thought the entire load of laundry would be ruined, but thanks to this tip, all of it was saved!

Now on to the corner cabinet guessing game.....I am a bargain shopper, but not quite as good as ya'll think I am. I paid $80 for the cabinet, but have been told that in the right place I could easily add another zero to the end of that price. I'm not interested in selling it, though. The winner is Julia, who happens to be my cousin. I'll be sending a little something her way. Thanks for playing!

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