Saturday, January 5, 2008

Snow Much Fun

I finally got all of the Christmas decorations put away today. That always takes way too long! Doesn't help that I basically just sat around all week feeling lousy. I had to break down and call the doctor yesterday. It's the first time in at least four years that I've had to do that. Now hopefully the antibiotic will do its job. Please pray that the rest of my family stays healthy. So far, so good!

I thought I would share some of our snow pictures from Christmas. God blessed us with safe travels - we were able to avoid driving during the worst of any of the storms. The boys were so excited to see the snow. Just doesn't happen here in AR much.
This is the snowman that P. built while in KS. I love the pine needle hair!

I had trouble getting good pictures on this day in CO because it was still snowing so much. It was pretty wet and I was afraid I would ruin my camera. Notice that L. is wearing his "all-season goggles." (See this post also.)

Have you ever tried to take pictures of kids sledding? I end up cutting the sledder off, not getting the sledder at all and just having a pure white picture, or I have those blurry "in motion" pictures.

I suppose I should get back to putting my house back together. I said earlier that I had gotten the Christmas things put away, but I have not gotten the "regular" things put back out. That always takes way too long also. Sigh!


Corene said...

I'd love to visit your house sometime..loved your Christmas vignettes, and can imagine the regular stuff is cool too!
Hope you feel better this week.
Oh, and about the goggles?? My husband went and bought goggles just for winter sports when we moved to northern MN...never knew there was such a thing!

cindy said...

Hope you get better soon. And hey, you're sick...putting away stuff can wait till next week! Love the snow pics...

ELLIE said...

Love the snow pics....looks like a lot of fun - I really hope you start to feel better soon...
take care