Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vintage Aprons

I'll start with the fun stuff and then get on to the boring everyday stuff. Remember earlier in the month when I showed you the Christmas aprons? Well, now I want to show you my "collection" of vintage aprons. I really don't have that many. I don't buy every apron I see. I usually pick them up at the thrift stores for $1 or $2. Or I take them from my mom's house.... this one. Had to have the roosters! The lighting isn't great, but can you see how the orange gingham matches the orange stripe in the feed sack? I love it when things like that "accidentally" happen.
The little black one with the yellow flowers also came from mom's. And just in case you were wondering - I didn't steal them. She actually gave me a bunch of things to sell in my antique booth. There were several aprons in the box. I picked out a couple of my favorites. She doesn't mind that I kept them. Really.

I just recently found out that the stitching on the green gingham apron (and the roosters) is called "chicken scratch." I don't remember where I learned that, but it may have been at The Apronista. That is a fun little blog for apron lovers.

Here are a few more. These colors really don't go anywhere in my house, but I just think they are fun. The sheer apron on the right is not the typical style I go for. That one is special because it belonged to my Grandma. I remember her wearing it when we would go to their house for Sunday dinner. Good memories.

Now for the boring stuff. I got my house cleaned yesterday. It's the first time I've ever paid someone to clean for me. Not that I'm against that, believe me. If I could afford it I would do it every week. Have I ever mentioned that I hate cleaning? I'm sure I have. Anyway, they were here for a loooong time. They did a good job of cleaning. There is just one problem. They didn't put things back where they were. All my shelves are in disarray. The things on top my cabinets aren't quite right. The trashcans were moved. I now have to go from room to room and rearrange things. Oh, well. At least they are clean.

The realtor is coming on Friday morning. I hate that, but I guess it will be good to just "get it over with." I'm nervous about how long it will take to sell. Or will it sell quickly and we will be without a place to go? (I doubt that.) What if we can't get enough $ out of it? The biggest worry - keeping the place clean. Have I mentioned that I hate to clean? Oh yeah, just did that. Now the three kids and I will have to keep the place looking nice all the time. Not gonna be fun!


blessedme said...

Good luck with the cleaning and the selling process! I love your apron collection! I collect aprons too, but haven't worked them into a display yet. Hopefully, sometime this summer.

Heidi ( said...

I love your apron collection. I'm making a mental note to do likewise: have an apron day on my blog! Hope the listing of your home goes well.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love your aprons, there is something about vintage aprons, isn't there?? Picturing June Cleaver always looking fresh and pretty and happy.:)

Thank you for entering my blog GIVE AWAY!

xo Lidy