Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Buttons, Rick Rack and Lace, Oh my!

Beautiful lace and a unique wooden box...
Fun button cards....
Needle cases...(love the black felt one!)
Buttons, buttons, buttons!
Tons of rick rack!
Going to mom's house is like going on a treasure hunt! I just never know what I might find. My dad is an auctioneer so mom has had lots of opportunities for fabulous bargains. The night we arrived she had just purchased this whole stash of rick rack for $4. I felt like she had won the lottery. All the things in the pictures above are things I brought home from mom's this time. Some of the buttons were my grandmas and the others were just from auction stash. Love it all!
I know I have a couple cousins who read this blog. Corene and Julia, I set aside a little bag of buttons for each of you. I can't guarantee they are all from Grandma because I just mixed them all together, but I thought you would like to have some. It might be a while before I get them sent. I need to get through the first week of school craziness. Remind me if you haven't heard from me in a couple weeks.


jamesm said...

Thanks Vanessa for thinking of us! What fun!! No hurry at all on the buttons though, I know they are starting school here this week as well, Ethan starts preschool next week so we're just getting into the school thing! Hope your week goes well.

rebecca sower said...

What beautiful finds--I'm envious! Thanks so much for including me in your favorite blog reads. Love your site. Blessings, Rebecca