Friday, August 24, 2007


Here are some profound thoughts for the day....Where did the name SlimFast come from? Is it because if you eat them you will get slim fast? Probably not. Or maybe it is that you will get slim because you are basically fasting. Maybe. Okay, it is an undisputable fact that I need to lose weight, but I know better than to think that eating "meal-on-the-go" bars is going to transform me back into my size 3 self that I was so many years ago. I wish! Slim fast or even slim slow for that matter, is just a distant dream right now. The real truth? Eating a SlimFast bar is a great excuse to have chocolate for breakfast. Truly! Okay, and it is easier to eat than a bowl of cereal as I drive my kids to school....
Last fall I found these vintage flashcards at the thrift store. I love them! I created this mini "album" with them, but never completely finished it or did anything with it. I think it would make a great teacher gift. What do you think? Should I finish it or put it in the "It was a nice idea, but...." file? That's a strange idea for a file, I know. Do you ever have projects that you make and then think, "Why exactly did I do that?" Surely I am not the only one.

Anyway, I guess I will leave you with all those strange thoughts. I need to go be productive for a while. Unfortunately, not creative productivity - boring stuff like laundry, dishes, etc. Yuck!

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